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New Channel Tunnel Freight Service

Freight Arranger is pleased to announce that it is assisting with a new Channel Tunnel rail freight service between Northwest Germany and East London. Unusually, the new service can accommodate both containers and articulated P400 HGV trailers.

For containers, Freight Arranger is arranging both the European leg and the inland connections by rail within UK for both import and export freight, meaning that the benefit of using rail freight and reducing CO2 emissions is continued seamlessly over a longer journey.

The train enables freight to transit 370 miles by low emission transport on each leg. The often quoted 75% CO2 saving through switching to rail will be comfortably exceeded as electric locomotives will be used in the Channel Tunnel and also on parts of the transit through Europe.

Articulated trailers which are carried will be unaccompanied during the entire journey, not just on the ferry or shuttle legs of the journey, leading to a much greater saving in the use of HGV drivers.

The service therefore enables:

– No EU motorway tolls, saving about £140 per journey,
– No need for HGV drivers,
– Much reduced carbon emissions, and
– Complete avoidance of delays at Calais and Folkestone.

End to end transits can be booked through Freight Arranger – please contact for a service data sheet.

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