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Freight Arranger Business Model – What Is the Ideal Container Train?

At Freight Arranger, we have a concept of what constitutes the ideal freight train. It doesn’t have to be like this, in fact none of our trains are exactly like this.

We like our freight trains to be full. In fact, so do you. That means that you can be certain that our prices are as low as possible. If we were to run an open train and have container slots which were not used, we would have to charge more to cover the cost of the unused space. That doesn’t make sense for anybody.

Typically, Freight Arranger trains carry 24 containers. In an ideal world, there would be 4 customers each moving 6 containers. This mix has the advantage of being able to offset peaks and troughs in container volume. But we have also planned trains for single customers.

The other aspect which we look for, is that our customers have more freight to move on the lane being served than the number of container slots allocated to them on the train.

What all the above helps us to do is to manage the train and its load to minimise the effects of disruption and the natural ebb and flow of daily container volumes. Freight Arranger proactively manages the train space daily so that it is shared between customers who need to flex the volume of containers moved.

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