Freight Arranger

Rail freight made easy

  • Is the shortage of HGV drivers causing you problems?
  • Are you trying to reduce your freight transport emissions?

FreightArranger provides reliable, low carbon freight transport with 39% reduction in HGV drivers and at least 50% less emissions by using rail freight.

FreightArranger provides door-to-door rail transport in UK for full load consignments and container moves which saves HGV driver time. Running from rail freight terminals in close proximity to your warehouse or factory, HGV running hours are minimised. The service operates within a sub-24 hour pick-to-delivery cycle.

To boost retention of HGV drivers and to encourage recruitment and training, salaries in the road haulage industry rose 14% last year, adding significantly to the cost of road haulage in UK. Using rail allows the trunk haul portion of the journey to be done by train, which frees drivers to concentrate on local short haul deliveries.

The emissions saving on a rail freight transit with short haul road legs at each end will be at least 50% compared with an all-road transit. A train uses less fuel than a road vehicle because friction is much lower.

To avoid HGV driver shortages and reduce CO2 emissions, send us an enquiry, or call 01453 367150.