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How to Use

How FreightArranger® Works

FreightArranger® "floats" above the various rail freight operating companies and rail freight aggregators who sell freight train space. FreightArranger® is an additional sales channel for "open" or "multiuser" intermodal freight trains. It also allows users of contract train space to release unused capacity.  All these organisations tell FreightArranger® what space on which trains they want to release, and FreightArranger® sells into the entire market on their behalf.

When a forwarder make an enquiry, FreightArranger® searches for the cheapest solution which will deliver the container on time from the available train capacity which has been released to FreightArranger®.  If there is no solution, FreightArranger® will offer the next available transit after your delivery window.  Alternatively, we will offer a door-to-door road haulage option.

When making the enquiry, you do not have to worry about where the destination railway terminal is, when the train runs, arrangements for road haulage to and from the rail terminal, whether your container might not be in gauge and a panoply of other technical issues.  In fact, you don't even have to know that these issues exist: the FreightArranger® enquiry screen asks you for all the necessary details and then FreightArranger®'s clever algorithms work out the answers for you and make the arrangements as soon as you press the "Book" button.

Do I have to join FreightArranger® to be able to use its services?

Yes, FreightArranger is a secure website.  Please use the "Register" link (top right) or send an e-mail enquiry

Can I have a demonstration of FreightArranger?

Yes, we arrange periodic web demonstrations.  Please send an e-mail enquiry and we will organise one for you

How much does FreightArranger cost to use?

FreightArranger is a free booking and tracking service.  At some point we may introduce a small annual licence fee, but for now it's FREE.

How to get the best out of FreightArranger®

Road shunts by own vehicles - if you want to collect your container with your own vehicle from the destination rail freight terminal, enter the terminal name as the destination, and then FreightArranger® knows not to organise road transport for you.

Optimum Booking Time - there will be an optimum time in advance of the train departure to book the transit. Left too late, the empty capacity could have been filled up with other bookings; booked too early, and the Freight Operating Company may not have declared all spare capacity. Between 72 and 48 hours before train departure is thought to be the optimum time; the Trial will reveal what proves to be best in reality.

Return journeys - FreightArranger® will allow users to obtain the price benefit of a "round trip" journey.


FreightArranger® has a novel train and container tracker which provides real time location information for all containers booked through FreightArranger.

The tracker is customisable by you so that you only receive the alerts which you want to see. Location status is displayed on an internet dashboard.

FreightArranger® therefore provides better information than other solutions and in turn helps you provide a better service to your customers.