Get Value

We’ve designed FreightArranger® to offer you the best value solution.  FreightArranger®’s clever algorithms hunt out and assemble the road and rail links which provide the cheapest overall transit for your container.  If a road journey costs less than a solution involving rail, then an all-road journey will be offered.

And as rail freight is cheaper than road haulage over longer distances, we are again helping you to save money.  The tipping point between road and rail costing less is usually a distance of between 120 and 150 miles, but obviously varies according to route and the commodity carried.

As FreightArranger® is quick and easy to use, your staff are able to work more efficiently.  And FreightArranger® can do this for you without any commitment from you to make a long-term purchase arrangement with one Freight Operating Company on one route, which has been the standard way of accessing rail freight.

And what do we charge? Nothing.  The service is free to use and there are no booking fees.

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