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FreightArranger Services to North West and North East UK

FreightArranger provides extensive low cost easy to use intermodal services to the North West and North East of UK, making the benefits of rail freight available to all small businesses in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester and Merseyside.  The service can be accessed by freight consignors with as little as a single 20 foot container.  Although naturally we like repeat business, such consignments can be very occasional and irregular - there is no commitment to a set annual volume.

With our rail freight services running to terminals in Manchester and Leeds from Southampton and the new port of London Gateway, the expensive trunk haul to and from the south coast is done by rail.  At the northern end of the journey, we organise a road vehicle from one of our selected hauliers to make the shorthaul journey between the rail terminal and your door.

FreightArranger therefore reduces the total cost of the transit, and you also gain a substantial carbon saving, with a 67% emissions reduction on the rail portion of the journey.

How much can you save?  For a FREE quote, complete our enquiry form .  (PS - it's useful to include the destination postcode).